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Jesus in the Ruins of Neoliberalism

A meta-critical analysis of historical Jesus and Gospel research with a focus on the ideological contexts of late neoliberalism.

This longer-term project resulted in a number of loosely-related academic publications appearing in various locations. I never got around to completing the book I was writing, and decided to finally abandon it in 2021 to work on other projects in the pipeline.

I took the above photograph when I first moved to Perth in 2017 and discovered this fascinating image down a random alleyway. The street art, entitled "Wake Up to the Stink," was produced by the Melbourne-based artist E.L.K.

Jesus Neoliberalism: Text

Academic publications


Surveillance Capitalism and the Father who Spies from Heaven

In press

Book chapter submitted in 2021

Coming soon

Crowds and Power in the Early Palestinian Tradition


Journal for the Study of the Historical Jesus


The Fetish for a Subversive Jesus


Journal for the Study of the Historical Jesus

The Neoliberal Lives of Jesus


The Bible and Interpretation

Jesus Neoliberalism: Research
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