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Hi there, I am a New Testament scholar from Aotearoa New Zealand who resides in Whadjuk Noongar boodja (Perth) in Western Australia. I am currently Senior Lecturer in New Testament and Director of Research at Wollaston Theological College of the University of Divinity. Earlier in my career I lectured full-time in Theological & Religious Studies at the University of Auckland and at Murdoch University in the Theology & Religion program until its discontinuation in 2021.

My writing focuses on the historical formation of the early Jesus movement and the socio-economic realities of first-century Palestine. I have published widely in historical Jesus studies, Gospel studies (particularly Matthew), and the ideological contexts of contemporary New Testament scholarship. Most recently, I am the author of Jesus: A Life in Class Conflict (with James Crossley).

On this website you can find out about my research, download academic articles and book chapters, and find links to popular and open-access articles.

Contact me at rmyles at

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Podcast Appearances


Jesus Christ: Historical Materialism, Class Conflict, & the Jesus Movement

Revolutionary Left Radio

22 May, 2023

Black and White Star in Circle

Jesus: A Life in Class Conflict Interview

New Books Network

2 August, 2023

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Popular Articles

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Fishing for Entrepreneurs in the Sea of Galilee?

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Media Appearances

Class conflict in the time of Jesus

7 April, 2023

Radio interview, ABC Radio National (25 mins)


Going with the Crowd, "All things considered"

4 April, 2022

Radio interview, BBC Wales (28 mins)

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