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Academic Publications

Publications: Text
Publications: Publications


Final or pre-publication versions are accessible below. Please source final versions if citing or distributing for classroom use.

“Dandy Discipleship: A Queering of Mark’s Male Disciples,” Journal of Men, Masculinities and Spirituality 4, 66-81, 2010. Reprinted in The Best of Journal of Men, Masculinities and Spirituality, ed. Joseph Gelfer, Piscataway, Gorgias Press, 235-254, 2010.

Publications: Publications

Book Chapters

Scanned copies of my contributions to edited volumes are included below.

"Feeding 5,000 in the Slums of Bethsaida (Lk. 9.10-17)," in Robert J. Myles, Caroline Blyth, and Emily Colgan (eds), Title TBA, Sheffield: Sheffield Phoenix Press [submitted October 2022].

"Class Conflict," in Chris Keith and James Crossley (eds), The Next Quest for the Historical Jesus, Grand Rapids, Eerdmans [submitted August 2022].

“Surveillance Capitalism and the Father who Spies from Heaven: Reading Matthew 6:1-18 with a Hermeneutics of Paranoia,” in Francisco Lozada, Jr., Amy Lindeman Allen, and Yak-hwee Tan (eds), Title TBA, Atlanta, SBL Press [submitted February 2021].

“Biblical Literacy and The Simpsons,” in Katie B. Edwards (ed), Rethinking Biblical Literacy, London, Bloomsbury, 143-162, 2015.

Publications: Publications
Publications: Publications
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