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Academic Publications

Academic Publications: Text
Academic Publications: Publications


Final or pre-publication versions are accessible below. Please source final versions if citing or distributing for classroom use.

“John the Baptist in Memory, Judaism, and Historical Materialism,” Journal for the Study of the Historical Jesus 19, 62-73, 2021,

“Dandy Discipleship: A Queering of Mark’s Male Disciples,” Journal of Men, Masculinities and Spirituality 4, 66-81, 2010. Reprinted in The Best of Journal of Men, Masculinities and Spirituality, ed. Joseph Gelfer, Piscataway, Gorgias Press, 235-254, 2010.

Academic Publications: Publications

Book Chapters

Scanned copies of my contributions to edited volumes are included below.

"Class Conflict," in Chris Keith and James Crossley (eds), The Next Quest for the Historical Jesus, Grand Rapids, Eerdmans [submitted August 2022].

“Surveillance Capitalism and the Father who Spies from Heaven: Reading Matthew 6:1-18 with a Hermeneutics of Paranoia,” in Francisco Lozada, Jr., Amy Lindeman Allen, and Yak-hwee Tan (eds), Title TBA, Atlanta, SBL Press [submitted February 2022].

“Biblical Literacy and The Simpsons,” in Katie B. Edwards (ed), Rethinking Biblical Literacy, London, Bloomsbury, 143-162, 2015.

Academic Publications: Publications
Academic Publications: Publications
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