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The following articles are mostly oriented to an educated popular audience and/or are freely available on the web.

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13 - Class struggle Caravaggio Jesus.png

From Millenarianism to Dictatorship of God: The Radical Ideology of the Early Jesus Movement

May 2023

Co-authored with James Crossley
Culture Matters

Jesus: a product of the class struggle in Galilee

March 2023

Co-authored with James Crossley
Morning Star

Was Jesus Unique?

July 2022

Anglican Messenger


Eunuchs for the Kingdom?

May 2022

Anglican Messenger

Beware of the Dogs!

May 2021

Anglican Messenger

Matthew's Gospel and Apocalypticism

April 2021

An open-access entry in the Critical Dictionary of Apocalyptic and Millenarian Movements


How Historical Materialism Explains the Origins of Christianity

May 2020

Culture Matters

Jesus' Itinerancy and Individual Exceptionalism

August 2019

Anglican Social Responsibilities Commission: Homelessness Resources & Reflections

Fishing for Entrepreneurs in the Sea of Galilee?

March 2019

A reprint of my contribution to Class Struggle in the New Testament appearing in The Bible & Interpretation.


Reconciliation Comes at a Cost

May 2018

Anglican Messenger

The Neoliberal Lives of Jesus

May 2016

The Bible and Interpretation

Biblical Scholarship, Jews and Israel: On Bruce Malina, Conspiracy Theories and Ideological Contradictions

December 2012

Co-authored with James Crossley.
The Bible and Interpretation

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